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Starfleet's Lousy No-Good Very Bad Day

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to my first post of 2018. To celebrate the new year and give some new models a good blooding, I had a horde of gamers over today. Adam had recently received and painted some new Romulan models and thus we had to get them some table time. Seeing as he has not yet received his D'Deridexes and Mogais from Eaglemoss, I would supplement his fleet with my warbirds. Facing the might of the Romulan Navy would be a selection of my Starfleet ships.
Counter to my usual behavior I did not concoct some elaborate scenario or backstory for the game, rather we lined up the fleets and had at 'er.

The Romulan Armada consisted of the following:

6x D'Deridex Class Warbirds
1x Mogai Class Warbird
2x N'Renix Class Warbirds
4x Amarcan Class Stormbirds
1x D'Sera Class Strikebirds
4x Draconarius Class Starbirds
4x D'Tavan Class Stormbirds

The Starfleet force consisted of the following:

1x Galaxy Class Explorer
1x Sovereign Class Explorer
1x Ambassad…

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