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One Crazy Weekend

Hello everyone, if you saw my last post then you know that this last weekend I hosted HoytCon 2017. This started last year as almost a joke as we dubbed my Father and I's visit to CFB Gagetown to visit my Brother and game: HoytCon. However, after two successful years in a row this has the making of an annual event.

The weekend went off without too many hitches and the timetable was adhered to within 30 minutes the entire weekend (no small feat!). Across the weekend 10 unique visitors visited my gaming emporium, participated in some fantastic games, and consumed many libations and meals. While I was thoroughly tuckered out by the weekend I would easily do it again (just give me another year guys).

As per the schedule the first game we played was a Cold War gone hot scenario set in 1984 (with Van Halen's 1984 album as soundtrack of course) using Battle Captains.

An East-German MRR infantry company with armour support was tasked with securing a village on a key secondary road inte…

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