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Model Addition - Victory Class Star Destroyer

Good day wargaming world. This past week I completed a repaint of a Star Wars Armada Victory Class Star Destroyer. This excellent model can be obtained either in the starter box or as a standalone expansion box here: I chose to use the Armada model as it is within a few millimeters of perfect 1/7000 scale and therefore in scale with my other fleets.

While the model comes with a serviceable paint job out of the box it both doesn't match my paint jobs and doesn't satisfy my need to boost my ego with paint jobs other gamers compliment me on. This ship adds some much needed firepower to my Imperial fleet as up to now the largest ships I have had are heavy cruisers. Next I will need to acquire a Mon Calamari Cruiser for my Rebels!

The Victory Class Star Destroyer is a smaller cousin to the Imperator Class Star Destroyer prevalent in the movies.
With her signature Kuati designed wedge shape she can bring all her heavy gu…

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